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In June, she was arrested for child abduction after she failed to give the boys over to their father at the end of a visit.

In reality, she said, one of Wade's sisters who is not allowed to transport the children arrived at the house to take them – and did not even ring the bell to say she was waiting.

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There's no money that can buy that kind of strength.'In the hours and weeks after, I cried and cried and I remember being scared when I’d see them again. I can't describe what it felt like to speak to them after 30 days.

They were crying so hard they couldn’t even talk.''I was worried,' Siovhaughn said of his parenting.

Siohvaughn Funches was given a $5 million settlement back in 2013.

But now that her basketball star ex is getting a huge payout, she’s looking to get more coins for herself.

'The things that [the children] went through - I feared they would be hurt. I was worried about their emotional well being because I knew how it felt and I couldn’t imagine how that would be as a child.

It was devastating.'In his book, Wade writes of the burden of a committed relationship at such a tender age, revealing how he had often planned to end it, wished he had 'played the field' and thought it was too much 'too young'.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Funches is suing her former divorce lawyer for malpractice claiming he agreed to the terms of her initial settlement without her knowledge.

Her former lawyer denies keeping any information from Funches.

Early days: The couple are pictured before the prom in Siohvaughn's mother's house, which Wade shared. I worried that they would think I wanted them to go away.

After they started a family, they moved to a cramped apartment in Marquette, where he was at college 'When my lawyer called, I knew it was bad news but I begged him to tell me. I could break down at that moment or I could say, "God help me". There's nothing anyone could have done for me to say, "Get me away from them".''How devastating and traumatic for these two small boys,' she said, sobbing. To tell your baby that I’m going to see them in two days and that turns into two months.

She and Wade were high school sweethearts and married in 2002.

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