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I'm sure this is a feeling that Keller no doubt felt very deeply in the days before her breakthrough in learning to communicate.The second half of this quote sums up a life that appreciates joy.

Quite simply, it "sharpens the vision" of our problems in life. So often the relationships in our life are confusing.

We don't understand why our friend is mad, why they can't see our side of things, or why they act as they do.

One way to appreciate the good friends you have is to understand what it is like to have a selfish friend or two. Just being reminded of what a selfish friend does and how they act with these sayings will help you keep the good people in your life. Most people continually struggle with the balance between protecting your own interests and giving generously of your spirit. Here are some quotes on selfishness that may help you figure out the balance you need to live an emotionally healthy life."As selfishness and complaint pervert the mind, so love with its joy clears and sharpens the vision." You'd think if anyone deserved the right to be selfish, it was Helen Keller.

There are times when you need to look out for yourself, and other times when you need to put other people, like your friends, first. She was just 19 months old when she lost both her hearing and her sight.

Changing your focus can help you view your relationships in a new way, so that, like Heller herself, you respond differently."Live in such a way that you would not be ashamed to sell your parrot to the town gossip." - Will Rogers On a much lighter note, Rogers reminds us that sometimes selfishness equals gossip.

To be more selfless, make your friendship a safe place where you wouldn't be ashamed at having your friends know what you say about them when they aren’t around.

Things get confusing from there, because once you’re in a relationship, it’s hard to end it, even if you’re not sure it’s right for you.

But if you’re dating someone more for some sort of personal gain rather than because you really want to be with them, that’s not fair to anyone. Here are 10 signs you’re in a relationship for the wrong reasons.

There are times when we really put ourselves out there and it doesn't pay off, and other times when we are so blessed with people in our lives that we are glad we were able to be real with them in order to have them in our life. What better way to learn than by hearing what they have to say?

No matter what you're dealing with, other people have probably experienced the same thing at one time or another.

As a result, she couldn't talk with others or tell people what she needed.

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