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Our scientists are of the opinion that Mars is now slowly recovering its balance or equilibrium and one day it will again be able to support life as it did in the past."they did not travel deeply into space, they did travel to the two moons.

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The key to the harnessing of universal power is harmony, goodwill, peace... It is the worst magnetic storm for a long time."If I cannot leave within a week," Eeso continued, "I will have to land in one of your seas.

You may find this hard to accept, but it is the truth.1975, and ended about nine months later. It must be sufficiently deep to allow this craft to settle on the bottom.

By what occult power are we to recognize that his "objective evaluations" in the scientific journals are actually not magnificent infallibilities but fortunate conclusions of persistently prusued hunches, exhaustively explored intuitions, and unexpected observations?

Apparently a disastrous war had broken out on Mars devastating the planet to such an extent that life was no longer possible on its surface... Their new planet is called Siton and is now a thriving part of the Confederation.

The devastating dust-storms which now rage there have long since erased all traces of the ancient Martian civilizations. At this moment we are stranded in this orbit 27,000 kilometers above Earth. The person answering my telephone call gave his name as Gerry.

In the polar regions, the large icecaps disappeared"Imagine people who have never seen rain, clouds and the blue sky above," Atra continued. "There was another pause, then Eeso continued, "Now the computer is better adjusted to take our conversation. We cannot escape the gravitational attractionthe turbulence such as we have now. There is a short-circuit in the magnetic channels and we are cut-off and in free fall. He assured me that he would act on my message immediately.

Their craft travel the magnetic fields and they are now at peace with all the planets. These 'Q' Bases were in other countries, some toois much more efficient in the use of energy. I should not have ventured into this system at all. But we are happy now and soon hope to leave this orbit.

The Confederation earnestly asks you to change your ways and live in peace. We are just waiting for the turbulence to subside sufficiently to give us a good chance to leave.

I gave them a lecture about Earthmen, and I told them of Edwin and all of you at 'Q' Base.

The students are very interested and agree that this has been a valuable experience.

And if the words in which we read the scientist;s own unfolding story of his science are all cold and calculated, empty of foible or failing, above even mention of mistake, how are we to divine that in the vast majority of moments when he is not writing, the scientist is a genial, sensible, rather humble man?

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