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From about 400 AD, the development of the Nordic animal ornamentation, an unusually rich and imaginative style that reached its peak during the 7th century with the so-called Vendel style.Animal ornamentation experienced a renewed flourishing of the rune stones.

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The pompous, happy and decorative made its entrance in the 17th century Great Power - during the 17th and 18th centuries the first few decades - was a grand time for architecture.

A number of castles, mansions and churches built, like the Royal Palace, meant that artists were called from abroad.

Several works from this period exhibit a French influence, for example the triumphal cross from Öja Church, Gotland and St. There are also Gothic monumental paintings on wood in Sweden.

Visual narratives gained momentum in the churches in central Sweden in the late 15th century by masters such as Nils Håkansson, Master Petrus.

Sweden leads the way with the highest amount of rune stones with a total of 2,800 inscriptions.

Approximately 85% of all the identified blocks have been in Sweden.

The Gothic style came to Sweden during the second half of the 13th century.

Linköping Cathedral is mostly conducted in English Gothic style and contains richly decorated sculptures.

One period when Nordic art exerted a strong influence over the rest of northern Europe was in Viking art, and there are many survivals, both in stone monuments left untouched around the countryside, and objects excavated in modern times.

The Reformation greatly disrupted Swedish artistic traditions, and left the existing body of painters and sculptors without large markets.

With the advent of Christianity came a new iconography, originally established in the churches, particularly in the form of altar screens, crucifixes, and stones.

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