Dating a liear blind dating film cast

Sometimes I’d be so disconnected from myself, I’d end up apologizing to him for him lying to me: “I’m sorry that I have such a bad temper that it makes you afraid to be honest with me.” Whoa man, that statement is about as real as when I looked in a mirror while on ecstasy and saw my face melt into a puddle of rainbows.So, say goodbye to marijuana and magical mushrooms — dating a liar is its own special trip. No need to worry about your pals approving of your beau, because liars are charming as fuck.Also, because liars have such an active imagination and live in a bizarre, unreal world, they often fall for other people’s lies, which means my ex was the target demo for “get rich quick” spam emails.

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So, if you want to feel special, do some charity work and save a rescue dude (or dudette)!

They need lots of attention, they bark when you try to leave, and you’ll constantly be cleaning up their shit. With a liar, you never have to worry about your relationship becoming boring.

If you really wanna feel like a detective, use said pay phone while it’s raining as you hold a magnifying glass and smoke a pipe.

They are a delightful distraction from your own brain.

You will be lying every time you make a false threat of, “If you betray me again, we are done,” and then stay.

You will be lying every time you tell your therapist, friends, and family that, “It’s not that bad.” You will be lying to yourself when you think, “My love will change him,” when what you really need is self-love and to change yourself. Once you break up (for real), you won’t miss your liar boyfriend because, conveniently, you never knew who he was anyway. When we first broke up, I felt so much “How could I have been so stupid?! I was, not only embarrassed, but scared to share my story because of how it might affect my ex.

So, quit that boring book club and join the dishonest boo club! When you are constantly trying to catch your partner in a lie, you are forced you to learn lots of new skills, like: how to crack an email password, how to break into a cell phone, and how to riffle through a drawer without making it look like it’s been touched.

You’ll feel like Sherlock Holmes as you go through his Verizon phone bill checking to see who he’s been getting calls from late at night. Just remember to use a pay phone when you call those random numbers.

A spark that will turn into a fire that will burn your self-worth to the ground. Liars drive you crazy by lying to you, and then by calling crazy when you accuse them of lying to you.

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