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General recommendations on immunization: recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices [ACIP]. Update on adult immunization recommendations of the immunization practices Advisory Committee [ACIP]. RR-12]); the assessment and feedback strategy to increase vaccination rates (CDC. Telephone: 404-639-1958; Fax: 404-639-8828; E-mail: . Summary This report is a revision of the General Recommendations on Immunization and updates the 2006 statement by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) (CDC. The report also includes revised content from previous ACIP recommendations on the following topics: adult vaccination (CDC.

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In February 2009, revisions were made to Storage and Handling of Immunobiologics, and ACIP approved the section.

In June 2009, ACIP voted to incorporate the contents of a 1999 ACIP statement on combination vaccines.

ACIP concluded that the document could be approved and finalized incrementally, with a final vote on the entire document.

Revisions to the following sections were approved through consensus vote in October 2008 (i.e., were approved as a part of the entire document and not through separate votes on each section): 1) Timing and Spacing of Immunobiologics; 2) Contraindications and Precautions; 3) Preventing and Managing Adverse Reactions; 4) Reporting Vaccine Adverse Events; 5) the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program; and 6) Vaccine Administration.

Vaccination providers help patients understand the substantial, occasionally conflicting, information about vaccination.

These vaccination recommendations are intended for clinicians and other health-care providers who vaccinate patients.

General Principles for Vaccine Scheduling Optimal response to a vaccine depends on multiple factors, including the type of vaccine, age of the recipient, and immune status of the recipient.

Recommendations for the age at which vaccines are administered are influenced by age-specific risks for disease, age-specific risks for complications, age-specific responses to vaccination, and potential interference with the immune response by passively transferred maternal antibodies.

At this final meeting, ACIP also discussed concerns about the lack of evidence that supports use of antipyretics before or at the time of vaccination for the prevention of fever.

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